Stop the horror

Help stop the cruel and unnecessary bear bile industry in Vietnam

Hien, a beautiful Asiatic black bear, is small and thin – much thinner than she would have been in the wild, due to the inadequate diet she was fed. She was unable to move freely, let alone stretch, and she had bad sores and bald patches from repeatedly rubbing herself against the bars of her cage in distress.

For years Hien experienced the excruciating pain of having the bile from her gall bladder extracted with a large syringe, through an open wound purposefully carved deep into her abdomen and never allowed to heal.

This horrific procedure can be hard to read about. But there are many more bears like Hien suffering the same torture across Asia right now – in one of the most horrific examples of institutionalised animal cruelty that happens in the world today.

You can help end the exploitation of bears in the bear bile industry and protect wild bears from a lifetime of pain and abuse in captivity. Your support could help create solutions that address this problem from every angle – combining policy work, enforcement, awareness raising and education to drive this industry down.

Your support could;

  • help develop a pilot programme in partnership with the Vietnamese government to microchip all bears in one key province to prevent illegal breeding and poaching.
  • help us work with the Vietnamese government to strengthen legislation on bear ownership.
  • help fund and train rangers and bear crime officers to prevent poaching and other crimes.
  • help to educate the Vietnamese public about the cruelty of the industry, to create a generational shift so bear bile use becomes less and less acceptable.

Please give generously today.

$12 could help pay for 1 microchip.


$40 could help fund a bear crime officer for one day.

$122 could help pay for two education staff for one day.

Where your money goes

These figures are in local currency and taken from the New Zealand 2015 audited accounts.

World Animal Protection has been protecting animals for over 50 years and we passionately believe that animals matter. With your support, we’ll go where animal suffering is most far-reaching and animal cruelty is most severe.

In 2015, 94% of funds raised went towards protecting animals in our four areas of work. We can ensure your vital donation is making the biggest impact for animals as possible and is helping achieve lasting change.

* These figures are in local currency and taken from the New Zealand 2015 audited accounts.

  • Programs = 94%
  • Fundraising = 5%
  • Admin = 1%