Help ensure elephants like Zach have lives worth living

Elephants are wild animals. Not entertainers.

Right now, across Asia, thousands of elephants like Zach are being held captive and suffer unthinkable cruelty in both the logging and entertainment industries.

No elephant can be trained humanely to perform manual labour, circus tricks, or give saddled rides.

That’s because they’re wild animals, with wild instincts, and cannot adapt to the cruel training, human interaction, and confinement they suffer in entertainment venues.

What many tourists are not aware of is that all captive elephants, like Zach, go through an intense and stressful breaking-in process known as “the crush”. They’re ripped from their mother at an early age and their spirit is broken through both physical and psychological pain, which may include isolation, starvation, beating and being chained up in small enclosures.

This is no life for an elephant. In fact, it’s hardly a life worth living.

Elephants belong in the wild, but if it’s not possible for those elephants already trapped in captivity or entertainment venues to be returned to the wild, then they need to be cared for in elephant-friendly venues or high welfare sanctuaries that meet their needs and enable them to behave naturally as they would in the wild.

With generous help from people like you, we’ve developed guidelines and are supporting entertainment venues to transition away from forcing elephants to perform or give rides, and to become what we call “elephant-friendly”.

This year, with your help, we’re supporting Elephant Valley Thailand (EVT) in the development of an extension that will allow up to 35 more elephants to be taken in from entertainment venues, be rehabilitated in a natural environment, and even begin to form herds as they would in the wild.

You can help make a real difference to the lives of elephants like Zach today.

Your kind gift could help:

  • fund elephant-friendly sanctuaries to continue to care for abused elephants;
  • continue our campaign to educate tourists on the realities of elephant entertainment and push tourism companies to provide only animal-friendly experiences;
  • transition other venues like Elephant Valley Thailand to provide high welfare standards and become elephant-friendly.

Please donate today and help ensure elephants have lives worth living.

* Your donation will help protect animals around the world

$41 could help fund elephant-friendly sanctuaries to care for elephants

$79 could help to continue our campaign to stop elephants being abused

$124 could help transition other venues like Elephant Valley Thailand

Where your money goes

World Animal Protection has been protecting animals for over 50 years and we passionately believe that animals matter. With your support, we’ll go where animal suffering is most far reaching and animal cruelty is most severe.

In 2017, 87% of funds raised went towards protecting animals in our four areas of work. We strive to ensure your vital donations make the largest impact for animals and help achieve lasting change.

* These figures are in local currency and taken from the New Zealand 2017 audited accounts.

  • Programs = 87%
  • Fundraising = 11%
  • Admin = 2%