Wildlife. Not medicine.

Bear bile farming is one of the most horrific animal cruelties that exists today.

One of the most horrific examples of institutionalised animal cruelty in the world today is the exploitation of captive bears for their bile – a product of the traditional medicine industry.

Most bears are poached from the wild as cubs and are never let out of their cages. These bears suffer the most appalling levels of cruelty and neglect and are often in visible distress. Many are wounded or scarred from repeatedly rubbing or hitting themselves against the bars in frustration.

Some poor bears simply cannot withstand the constant pain – others suffer through the trauma for up to 20 years before their abused bodies finally give out. Many do not survive.

But today, kind supporters like you can help stop their suffering.

Thanks to people like you, together we can work to end bear bile farming across Asia by:

  • Ensuring no new bears enter the industry by funding monitoring programs such as microchipping and bear crime officer investigations.
  • Reducing demand for bear bile and other wild animal products by educating the public about the cruelty involved and the plant-based alternatives that are available.
  • Improving animal welfare policies and enforcement by putting pressure on governments and policy influencers.

Please donate today, help ensure bears have lives worth living and help us work together to keep wild animals in the wild, where they belong.

$39 could help fund bear monitoring activities.

$78 could help educate the public and reduce demand.

$119 could help pressure for policy and enforcement.

* Your donation will help protect animals around the world

Where your money goes

World Animal Protection has been protecting animals for over 50 years and we passionately believe that animals matter. With your support, we’ll go where animal suffering is most far reaching and animal cruelty is most severe.

In 2017, 87% of funds raised went towards protecting animals in our four areas of work. We strive to ensure your vital donations make the largest impact for animals and help achieve lasting change.

* These figures are in local currency and taken from the New Zealand 2017 audited accounts.

  • Programs = 87%
  • Fundraising = 11%
  • Admin = 2%