Join us to help protect animals in disasters

Together we can protect the forgotten victims of disasters

Animals are the forgotten victims of natural disasters.

When disasters strike, animals suffer injury, neglect, starvation and disease – and many sadly die.

In 2017 already we have seen too many animals suffer and succumb to disasters, such as those who starved and froze to death during the Mongolian dzud. In 2016, thousands of animals were killed or left homeless following flooding in Assam state, India. And Hurricane Matthew wreaked havoc in Haiti, making the already critical situation worse for animals and the communities that depend on them.

But with your help, our emergency response teams can be there to deliver urgently needed food, water, shelter and medical care in the wake of devastating natural disasters.

And thanks to your support, we prepare communities in high-risk regions to protect their animals from the worst effects of disasters before they happen.

World Animal Protection has saved over six million animals in disasters since 1964. We don’t know when a disaster will strike. But our dedicated teams are ready to go at a moment’s notice and will work around the clock in a disaster zone. They just need the funds to make this possible.

Together we can make sure the help these animals so desperately need gets through to them.

Please donate today. Your support could help save the lives of animals affected by disasters and the many millions who need your help across the globe.

(* Header image credit Ezra Acayan)

$30 could buy emergency feed to keep more than 30 animals healthy

*Any funds raised beyond what is required for our work protecting animals in disasters, will be used to support our other areas of work in animal protection.

$60 could provide life-saving veterinary medicines for more than 200 animals

$125 could purchase more than 600 tarpaulin sheets to provide temporary shelter for animals suffering in disasters

Where your money goes

These figures are in local currency and taken from the New Zealand 2015 audited accounts.

World Animal Protection has been protecting animals for over 50 years and we passionately believe that animals matter. With your support, we’ll go where animal suffering is most far-reaching and animal cruelty is most severe.

In 2015, 94% of funds raised went towards protecting animals in our four areas of work. We can ensure your vital donation is making the biggest impact for animals as possible and is helping achieve lasting change.

* These figures are in local currency and taken from the New Zealand 2015 audited accounts.

  • Programs = 94%
  • Fundraising = 5%
  • Admin = 1%