Help protect the forgotten victims

Your kindness could give animals lifesaving emergency vet care

Imagine the terror both you and your animals would feel if a natural disaster struck your home. When disasters strike, animals suffer injury, neglect, starvation and disease – and, sadly, many die.

Unfortunately, animals are often the forgotten victims of disasters. A reality that, together, we can help prevent. In 50+ years, we have helped more than 70 million animals in over 250 disaster responses.

Animals in Sulawesi, Indonesia urgently need veterinary care, food, water and shelter before they succumb to injuries, disease and starvation. Without help, they will perish – lonely, traumatised and scared.

In 2017 alone, we helped more than 600,000 animals affected by disasters such as floods, droughts, bushfires and tropical cyclones, across 16 countries. Thanks to supporters like you, World Animal Protection helped in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria – the strongest Atlantic hurricanes in history – which wreaked destruction in the Caribbean.

We don’t ever know when a disaster will strike. But our dedicated teams are ready to go at a moment’s notice and will work around the clock in a disaster zone. They just need the funds to make this possible.

You can also help local communities prepare for the worst and be with vulnerable animals on the ground to prevent them from suffering when disaster strikes.

Your kindness could help save the lives of countless suffering animals. Please donate today to help save the lives of animals affected by disasters around the world

(* Header image credit Ezra Acayan)

$30 could buy emergency feed to keep more than 30 animals healthy

*Any funds raised beyond what is required for our work protecting animals in disasters, will be used to support our other areas of work in animal protection.

$60 could provide life-saving veterinary medicines for more than 200 animals

$120 could help provide emergency vitamin shots to at least 200 animals in the wake of a natural disaster

Where your money goes

World Animal Protection has been protecting animals for over 50 years and we passionately believe that animals matter. With your support, we’ll go where animal suffering is most far reaching and animal cruelty is most severe.

In 2017, 87% of funds raised went towards protecting animals in our four areas of work. We strive to ensure your vital donations make the largest impact for animals and help achieve lasting change.

* These figures are in local currency and taken from the New Zealand 2017 audited accounts.

  • Programs = 87%
  • Fundraising = 11%
  • Admin = 2%